Our Children


Mike is a software engineer.

Mike, Gloria, and Marie
This is Mike, Gloria, and their first daughter, Marie.

Mama and Rebecca
Mike's second daughter Rebecca and Gloria's mother.

Indi trying out Jo's harp
Gloria's sister Indi trying out Jo's harp.


Jo is a professional musician. She plays Celtic harp both solo and in the group Port Righ.

Jo and Wayne
This is Wayne and Jo.

Nancy and Jo
Jo and Nancy, hanging around.

Merlin and Morgan
These are their birds, Merlin and Morgan.

Miles and Cthulhu
These are their other birds, Cthulhu and Miles.

Clan Morrison
Wayne's family.


Other Family Folks

Grandma Hughey and Chilluns
Grandma Hughey and her children.

Ray, Nancy, and Ruth
Ray and his sisters -- Ruth and Nancy.

Grandma Hughey
Grandma Hughey

The Bagwells
The Bagwells: Jim, Katie, Will (Katie's husband), and Ruth.

The Bagwells
Ruth, Katie, and Jim Bagwell.

The Joyners
Nancy, David, and Keith Joyner.

The Joyners
David and Nancy Joyner.

Grandma and David
David Joyner and Grandma.

Michele and Bob
Nancy's sister Michele and her husband Bob.

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